How to route queued items to departments by Urgency

As part of your routing strategy, Urgency determines which queued chats will be assigned first.

Urgency can be applied in two ways:

  • At the department level as part of Automatic Distribution (AD)
  • At the chat level as part of the Chat Rules Engine (this prevails over department-level urgency)

Here is how to set Urgency for a department.

  1. Create or edit a department, as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Organization > Departments. The Department Management page is displayed.
    2. Select an existing department or click Create New.

    Result: The New/Edit Department page is displayed.

  2. On the Automatic Distribution tab, choose a channel and click Override account-level distribution settings.
  3. Set urgency for this department under Messages queued for assignment.

    Incoming chats for a department with a higher urgency setting are distributed before those for a department with a lower setting. When departmental urgency is the same for multiple chats in the queue, agents receive the chat from the department for which they have the highest priority. Chat-level urgency prevails over department-level urgency.

  4. Save your changes.