How to send chats to a rollover department

When no agents are available in the original department, agents of rollover departments take over incoming chats.

For example, Sales goes offline at 5pm, but Customer Support stays online. You set Customer Support as the rollover department for Sales. As a result, the Sales chat button is displayed as available whenever either a Sales or Customer Support agent is logged in.

Important: Chats are not assigned to the rollover department, only the original department's membership is expanded with the agents of the rollover department. The original department keeps ownership of the work item.

Rollover departments are set when creating or editing a department.

  1. Create or edit a department, as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Organization > Departments. The Department Management page is displayed.
    2. Select an existing department or click Create New.

    Result: The New/Edit Department page is displayed.

  2. On the Rollover departments tab, select a department.

    Result: The selected department is displayed in the table at the top of the screen.

  3. Under Rank, define the order in which the rollover department will receive rollover items.
  4. Save your changes.