How to start a co-browse session

Start a co-browse session from a standard chat session so you can see and interact with the page a customer is viewing.

Important: You must be in an active chat and the customer must be on a page for which Customer monitoring HTML has been implemented.

Co-browse browser requirements:

  • Agent:
    • Windows ? Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
    • Mac ? Safari
  • Customer:
    • Windows ? Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
    • Windows ? Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 (agent unable to click links for customer)
    • Mac ? Safari (agent unable to use back/forward buttons)
    • iOS ? Safari
    • Android ? Chrome

Privacy considerations: During a co-browse session, agents can see the web content that the customer is watching. This content may contain personally identifiable and other sensitive information that your customer would not allow your agents to see. To disable viewing parts of your website that contain sensitive information, you must update the HTML code of your website as described in Setting up your website for co-browse sessions.

  1. Activate a chat.
  2. Click the Co-browse icon.

    Result: The customer is prompted to allow co-browse.

  3. The customer must click Yes.

    Result: The co-browsing session begins.

    Tip: If the customer's page does not load in Bold360, ask them to refresh their browser page.
    • Some page elements are known not to load properly, including inline SVG images, flash objects, iframes, and cross-domain http CSS formatting.
    • Depending on your website settings, you may not be able to interact with certain user interface elements, such as buttons, input fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. For more information on this limitation, see Setting up your website for co-browse sessions.
While co-browsing, you have the following options:
  • Back arrow ? Takes the customer's browser to the previously visited URL (like a standard browser Back button)
  • Forward arrow ? Takes the customer's browser to the next URL in the history of the visited URL
  • Reload ? Refreshes the current page being shown
  • URL and Bookmarks ? Enter a URL that opens in the customer's browser or select a predefined URL from your BoldChat bookmark library. This library is only available if you previously used the BoldChat Desktop Client to add bookmarks.
  • Highlighter ? Point out elements on the page, such as fields to fill, selections to make, or header text to read
  • Stop ? Ends the current co-browse session, but chat remains active
For information on how to set up a website for co-browse sessions, see Setting up your website for co-browse sessions.