How to block customers during chat

You can block abusive customers during chat. Notice, however, that you cannot block offensive words, only customers.

Important: You must have the Actions > Chats > Block customer IP permission enabled to use this feature.
  1. During chat, click at the bottom of the chat panel.

  2. Confirm blocking the customer from chatting with you. This will end the chat.

    If you accidentally clicked the button and want to continue the chat, click No, continue the chat.

    Important: Keep in mind that blocking is based on IP address, therefore you will block all customers from a specific IP address.
When the customer tries to start a new chat, they are notified that they are blocked from chatting on your website.
Administrators can view the list of blocked customer IPs in the Web Admin Center on the General > Restrictions page, under List customer IPs to be blocked from Chats. On this page, an administrator can also unblock customer IPs.