Run reports on your organization

Digital DX offers reporting to help organizations analyze and interpret the underlying data associated with site engagements and facilitate the transformation of data into actionable information.

Digital DX reports are available at the reporting site. Using Digital DX reports does not require any special license. To get started, reference the guide below for how to create a Chat Summary Report and how to run, filter, group, and export data. Additionally, we have outlined some additional reports that may be a helpful introduction to Digital DX reporting.
Note: For detailed information on reports, see the complete list of Bold360 reports.

Chat Summary Report

The Chat Summary Report is the most popular and most frequently used report across our customers. This report will provide you with insights into your chat volume, a breakdown of those chats (unavailable, blocked, abandoned, unanswered, answered) and some basic data around wait times, chat times and speed to answer. You can also increase the granularity of the chat summary report by grouping by category, status or chat URL.

  1. To run the chat summary report, navigate to New Report in the upper-right corner.

  2. Click Chat Summary from the list of reports on the left side of the screen. Select the date range you are looking for.
  3. Within the drop-down, select how you want to group your report. By default, the report is grouped by Date but you can change to group by Button, Window, Operator, and more.

  4. Once your report runs, you can see the category or column definitions at the bottom of the screen under Result category definitions (also included below):
    • Total Clicks - all clicks of the chat button plus all accepted invitations

      Unavailable - all clicks of chat button when no operators are logged in as available

      Blocked - all clicks of chat button by blocked customers

      Abandoned - customers presented, but not completing the pre-chat survey

      Unanswered Chats - abandons while waiting for an answer plus chats reaching timeout

      Answered Chats - all chats answered by an operator

      AMC - Average Message Count for answered chats

      Unanswered Time - time in queue for unanswered chats

      ASA - Average Speed to Answer for Answered Chats. Time from when the chat Started to the time it was Answered by the agent

      ACT - Average Chat Time for answered chats. Time from answering a chat until it ends, specifically, all the time between the first operator answering the chat and the final operator assigned to the chat when it ends, adds up to the ACT calculation for the final operator.

  5. Click on the gear icon in upper right corner to export the report. Reports can be exported to .CSV, .XLS or .PDF.

  6. To change or add filters or groupings of the report, click Re-Run.

    After updating or adding groupings or filters, click Run Report.

ACD Summary (Automatic Chat Distribution Summary)

The ACD Summary includes total chats assigned automatically to agents (offered), the number of chats that ended before the agent could answer it (abandoned), and the number of chats taken away from an agent and given to another because the customer's wait time exceeded your threshold (reassigned), chats that went unanswered and answered. The report also includes useful operational data like average message count, the average duration of chats, and the maximum number of customers waiting in queue and the maximum wait time for any chat. We recommend grouping this report by operator to see if agents are answering or missing chats when they are assigned. For more information, see ACD Summary report.

Missed Opportunities Summary

The Missed Opportunities report shows administrators why chats are missed and can provide insight into how to increase their engagements. For example, this report can show instances of when customers were unable to chat based on business hours or a full queue. For more information, see Missed Opportunity Summary report.

Productivity Report (under Operator Reports)

The Productivity Report is set to group by operator. This report allows administrators to see a breakdown of agent behavior while available or away. The report provides additional statistics around average response time (ART) and chat concurrency. For more information, see Operator Reports.

Custom Survey (under Operator Reports)

Provides an agent by agent view of performance on the default post-chat and custom pre/post-chat survey fields. For completed surveys, the raw scores for each custom field are presented and open-ended comments are also included. For more information, see Operator Reports.