Optional: Add a Facebook Messenger Channel

Note: This article is part of a Quick Start Guide to help you implement your Digital DX environment from scratch.

Similar to chat functionality, the Facebook Messenger service supports department-based routing, hours of availability, post-chat wrap-up, and canned messages, as well as an auto-response feature to help you manage incoming requests.

  1. Go to Channels > Messaging > Facebook Messenger and click Create New.
  2. Name the account.
  3. To connect Facebook to Digital DX, click the Log In button showing the Facebook logo.
  4. You are prompted to enter your Facebook account details.
    Tip: If you are using a custom app approved by Facebook to manage FB Messenger, click Show Advanced Setup and enter details as required (App ID, App Secret, Access Token, Webhook URL, Token).
  5. Once you have signed in to Facebook, select the page to use.
  6. On the Auto Responder tab, you can configure how you want to automatically respond to incoming messages.
    Important: We recommend using Create Email Prompt Rules to create a set of rules that automatically asks the visitor to enter their email address. The visitor's email allows Digital DX to connect the visitor to their Digital DX history across all channels (chat, email).
  7. Save your changes.
Need more info? There's an article about Facebook Messenger setup in our Support Center.