Visit Summary report

Use the Visit Summary report to see an overview of the traffic to one or more specified websites.

Fastpath: > New Report > Visit > Visit Summary
Important: This report contains data for the current and previous three months only.

The report shows the total number of customers, the number of new and repeat customers, the average time customers spent on site, the total and average number of customer page views, and the average time per page. The report also includes information about the performance of proactive invites including the total number of invitations sent, number declined and ignore, and the average acceptance rate including a 95% confidence interval. The report can be grouped and filtered in numerous ways to provide different perspectives on the data. A very useful grouping is by "custom invite" which will allow an analysis (again within a 95% confidence interval) on the best performing proactive invitations.


  • Date
  • Total
  • New
  • Return
  • Avg Time

Page Views

  • Total
  • Average
  • Avg Time


  • Total
  • Accepted
  • Accept %
  • Declined
  • Ignored