Chat Summary report

This report includes a breakdown of all button clicks (reactive and proactive) and their associated disposition.

Fastpath: > New Report > Chat > Chat Summary
Note: You can download chat transcripts with the BoldChat API as described in the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.

Reported data:

Total Clicks
All clicks of the chat button plus all accepted invitations.
All chats already in created status where chat was unavailable because of agent availability, hours of operation, or queue size limits. For information on chat statuses, see What is chat lifecycle?
All clicks on chat buttons by those customers who have been blocked. See How to block customers during chat.
All chats in created status that were not started, blocked, or unavailable (as described above). Most commonly, these are customers who were shown the pre-chat survey but failed to complete it.
Unanswered Chats
Chats that were started but were never answered. This happens either because the customer closed the chat window while waiting for an agent, or because the chat reached the Unanswered by agent timeout limit. You can set this timeout on the General tab of your chat window configuration. See How to set up timeout for unanswered chats.
Answered Chats
All chats that a live agent accepted and were moved to answered status.
Average Message Count for answered chats.
Unanswered Time
Time in queue for unanswered chats. Calculated as "chat ended" time minus "chat started" time for unanswered chats.
Average Speed to Answer for answered chats. Calculates the average time from chat started to answered by a live agent.
Average Chat Time for answered chats. Calculates the average time from the first agent answering a chat until it ends. ACT is measured for the final agent only.

If you need to look more closely at chat activity, use the Agent Activity report.

You can group and filter the report several ways in order to see the data from different perspectives.

When grouping by agent, note the following (for chats answered by multiple agents):

  • <None> in the Agent column represents chats that have not been assigned to an agent. This generally occurs if either agents were unavailable or the chat was abandoned and was never assigned to an agent.
  • All actions are reported as if executed by the final agent who answered the chat
  • The Answered value represents the number of chats for which an agent was the final assigned agent
  • The Answered Time of the first live agent handling the chat is counted toward the ASA calculation of the final agent who handled the chat

Department filters:

  • Department (operator membership) - Shows chats where the assigned agent or operator is a member of the selected department. For agents who are members of multiple departments, this also includes chats that were not assigned to the selected department, but to another department of the agent.
  • Department (initial assignment) -Shows chats where the first assignment was the selected department
  • Department (final assignment) - Shows chats where the last assignment was the selected department
  • Department (any assignment) - Show chats where the chat assignment history has assignments to the selected department
    • The Department (Any assignment) filter does not recognize chats that are assigned to a department but not to a specific agent. This may happen under certain circumstances:
      • When ACD is off and a chat is assigned to a department but not to an agent.
      • When ACD is on and a chat is assigned to an offline department but not to an agent. (Assignment to an offline department can happen manually, due to a rule, or when assignment is made to a department with a queue.) An offline department is where ACD cannot assign chats to agents because there are no agents currently available (they are away, their concurrency limit is reached, or the chat was started outside business hours).
Note: For Bold360 Service subscribers, the calculation method of certain chat report metrics are affected by conversations with the chatbot as described in Chat reports involving a chatbot. When no custom operator filters are selected, chats assigned to the chatbot are excluded from report.

What are the common details in reports?

Unavail(able) - no operator was available to take the chat

Blocked - user was blocked so could not start chat

Abandon(ed) - user did not complete pre-chat survey

Unanswer(ed) - user left before receiving an answer

Answered - if None then it means an agent answered the customer, but then was transferred to another department, waited in a queue, and dropped before being assigned to an agent.

None in the Operator column may mean the following:

  • Chat ended with no agent assigned. Bold360 Agent reports look at the Ended state of a chat, so if it ended without assignment then it is registered under None.
  • Agent was deleted in the meantime, which is why we recommend disabling rather than deleting users.