Chat Keyword Summary report

For a given date range, this report contains the list of top search engine keywords used by customers to arrive at your website.

See a detailed breakdown of customers that engaged via chat as well as those that declined to, including metrics such as average answer time, average chat time, chat counts, customer counts, average time on site, average page views, chat invite acceptance rate and more.

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Reported data:

The search engine keyword of customers to arrive at your website.
Total Chats
Total number of chats that started after the specific keyword was used to arrive at your website.
Abandoned Chats
Customers who were shown the pre-chat survey but failed to complete it.
Missed Chats
A missed chat occurs either because the agent did not answer the chat before exceeding a wait-time threshold or because the customer abandoned the chat.
Answered Chats
All chats answered by a live agent.
Average Message Count for answered chats.
Average Speed to Answer for answered chats. Calculates time from chat Started to Answered by a live agent. Time from when the chat started to the time it was answered by the agent.
Average Chat Time for answered chats. Time from answering a chat until it ends. The time between the first agent answering the chat and the final agent assigned to the chat when it ends, adds up to the ACT calculation for the final agent. It represents the average length of all chats for a given entity (Date, Agent, Country, etc.) measured from time of assignment to end of chat.