Chat Conversion Summary report

This reports gives you insight into conversions.

Fastpath: > New Report > Chat > Chat Conversion Summary

The report also contains a breakdown of the type of conversion ? same visit (chat and conversion occurred during the same visit), prior visit, via auto-invites or self-serve (without chat). The data can be grouped in a number of different ways including date, day of the week, hour, agent, custom invite.

Chat+Conv Same Visit
Conversions that had a chat during the same visit.
Chat+Conv Prior Visit
Conversions that had a chat during any prior visit.
Auto-Invite Chat Conversions
Conversions resulting from an answered Auto Invite Chat.
Self-Serve Conversion
Conversions that occurred without a chat (unassisted).
Count of the number of conversions (for the applicable group).
Value of the conversions (for the applicable group).
Note: The number and value of Auto-Invite Conversions number and value are a subset of Chat-related conversions (Same Visit and Prior Visit)
Note: When no custom operator filters are selected the chatbot is excluded from report.