Chat reports involving a chatbot

For Digital DX AI subscribers, some report data include conversations with the chatbot. To understand the impact of conversations that involve the chatbot, the following must be considered.

  • Available means that a live agent was available for chat when the conversation started. Any conversation where the customer only chats with the bot are disregarded from reports on availability.

  • Unavailable counts chat button clicks when no one is logged in as available. Since the chat bot is always available, this number will always be 0 for chats channeled from the bot. When counting unavailable agents, Digital DX checks specifically for ChatType 3, whereas bot chats are of ChatType 8 ("API initiated").
  • A chat is Created when the customer opens the chat window. Hence any report detail that calculates time from chat creation includes conversations with the bot.

  • A chat is Started when the bot answers the customer. When the customer requests help from a live agent and fills in the pre-chat form if there is one, then Start time of the chat is reset.

  • A chat is Abandoned in the following cases:

    • the customer opened the AI chat window but did not chat with the bot.
      Note: When the customer opens an AI chat window, the chat is assigned to the bot operator. Therefore, those reports that filter out the bot operator, will not include this chat.
    • the chat was transferred from the bot to a live agent and the customer was presented with a pre-chat form but the window was closed without filling in the pre-chat form. In this case, the chat is not assigned to an operator, so it appears as <None> in the Operator column of reports grouped by Operator
  • An Unanswered chat was never answered by a live agent. Unanswered chats include all conversations where the customer chatted with the bot but the conversation was never transferred to a live agent.

  • Unanswered Time also includes all conversations where the customer chatted with bot but the conversation was never transferred to a live agent.

  • Conversations with the chatbot are also included in the Average Message Count (AMC).

  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA) calculates time from chat Started to Answered by a live agent. Conversations with only the bot are disregarded.

  • Average Chat Time (ACT) for answered chats does not include time when the customer chatted with the bot. It only considers time from the live agent accepting the chat to ending the chat.

The following reports are affected by conversations with the chatbot: