Basic Summary report

Based on the data included in this report, the system generates tips ("Actions to consider") to help you improve your chat strategy.

Fastpath: > New Report > Basic Reports > Basic Summary

For a given date range this report contains:

  • Graphs for total chats
  • A summary containing the number of new customers vs return customers
  • Number of invited vs customer initiated chats
  • Most clicked chat button location
  • Customer chat acceptance rate
  • Location where invitations had the highest acceptance rate
  • Chat engagement rate
  • other useful metrics
Example: Sample "Highlights" and "Actions to consider"


  • You had 3 new customers to your site and 3 return customers.
  • You had 0 invited chats and 2 customer-initiated chats.
  • Your chat button was most often clicked on this page:
  • 0% of your invitations to chat were accepted by your customers (6% is average).
  • Your invitations were most accepted on this page: <None>
  • Your chat engagement rate is 183% (normal rates average 6%, range up to 23%).
  • You missed 1 chat opportunities because you were not logged in to take them. (Unavailable Chats)
  • You gathered 0 leads from your missed chats (0% - average is 21%). (Messages Left)

Actions to consider:

  • You did not have many customers. Place Customer Monitoring code on your website to track your customers and enable invitations.
  • You did not answer many chats. Make sure your chat button is visible to customers and that you are available to chat.
  • Take some time to review chats from your most-used pages noted above to try to discover improvements to your site.