Frequently Asked Questions for Developers

I have deployed the code snippet, I have agents available, but the button still doesn?t show on the website

When deploying the code snippet, make sure that you paste it directly from the code generation dialog in the Bold360 Admin interface. If the code snippet was sent to you for deployment in a Microsoft Word document, it?s possible that the code was broken with Microsoft Word styling or line breaks. Request the code snippet again in a plain text document.

I might want to use Proactive Invites at some point; what do you recommend?

You will need to redeploy code if you choose to integrate an Invitation Ruleset. We recommend disabling the default Invite Ruleset in the Admin Center and deploying the Invitation Ruleset with your button code. If you decide to use chat invites, you can easily enable the Invitation Ruleset and add some rules for your use cases.

What is the best way to manage the code deployment?

If you have a Tag Manager, it is recommended you deploy your code using the tag management system. This enables you to trigger the Bold360 code on specific pages from a tag manager, which makes it easier to manage over time. If you deploy to each page of your website, then it will be much more difficult and time-consuming to deploy and manage the code.

I had customized a few items with my Chat Window or Button and now things are not working correctly on my site

Copy your standard code snippet created in the Admin Center and paste it in a blank page to try and reproduce. If your code works on the blank page but not your website, there are probably some CSS or other variables on your site causing an issue. Please note that our support team cannot troubleshoot issues stemming from your site?s CSS.

I?m having issues with an API Trigger not working

First, you need to investigate if the Trigger itself is the issue. To do so, set up two triggers, one to a staging/test website and one to your production site. If the trigger works in one space, we can assume there is something with the webhook causing an issue.