Canned messages for chat: Using predefined replies

Canned messages are predefined strings of text that an agent can insert into a conversation. With canned messages, agents can send common responses without typing.

Important: You must have Setup > Chats > Chat Canned Messages permission to use canned messages.

Show or hide canned messages in the workspace

To toggle canned messages on/off while chatting, click the icon that looks like a can at the top of the workspace or on the chat panel when in minimized view.

Insert a canned message

To insert a canned message into an active chat, simply click it.

The message is inserted in the chat panel but not sent. Press Enter to send.

Search or filter canned messages

To make it easier to find the right message, you can either filter by folder or search by keyword.

Tip: When viewing "Top folder" you can search all available canned messages.

What are best practices for using Canned Messages?

  • We recommend setting up Canned Messages so that agents can provide quick, canned responses. This allows agents to be more efficient by handling multiple chats at once with the power to send pre-built messages.
  • Build folders of Canned Messages to be used by different teams
  • Limit who has access to which Canned Message folders via permission groups
  • Set up shortcuts and encourage agents to leverage shortcuts
  • Include hyperlinks, images, and videos
  • Correlate specific Canned Message folders with a particular chat window
  • Leverage variables such as ${login.Name} or ${chat.ChatName}
  • Canned Messages will save your agents time, and result in reduced response times and better customer experiences. Decreased ART and ASA increase efficiency and therefore reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.