Digital DX AI setup

The Digital DX AI platform offers customers chatbot-enabled self-service and introduces Smart Advisor, which provides agents with the best possible answers to customer questions during chat. The chatbot handles customer queries and provides a consistent front-line customer care experience. This way, Digital DX delivers the best of both chatbots and agents to solve customer issues.

Note: This feature is only available with a Digital DXAI platform account.

With your Digital DX AI platform account, you also get access to the Web Admin Console, where you can customize your AI-enabled chat window. Here you can also manage the content of the knowledge base that contains help articles that both the chatbot and the Smart Advisor panel show. The Digital DX AI platform is a service that provides a chat window with AI-enabled customer assistance after it is integrated into Digital DX. The layout of the chat window and the content of the help articles are controlled by the AI Console.

To use Digital DX AI, you must set up a link between the Web Admin Center and the AI Console by creating API keys:

  • To use the chatbot, create an API key, which connects the Digital DX AI and Agent platforms
  • To set up channeling, create a Digital DX Agent API access key. Depending on the number of channeling paths, you may have to create multiple Digital DX API access keys.

If set up correctly, customers receive self-service help from the chatbot and agents can use Smart Advisor to answer customer queries. See Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations.

About channeling

When your customers request help from a human agent while interacting with the bot, the chat is escalated to a live agent in your organization. In the Web Admin Console (for the AI platform), chat escalation is called channeling. You may set up multiple channels to cater for your customers' needs. For example, you may use different knowledge bases to serve different audiences, in which case you must set up a channel for each knowledge base. With the Digital DX Agent API access key, channel settings are linked to a chat window and during channeling these settings are applied.

Whether customers receive help from the bot or chat with a live agent, they see the same chat window. Customers do not experience any change when a chat is seamlessly transferred from the chatbot to a live agent. They continue the conversation in the same window.

Figure 1. Customer's view when Digital DX AI is activated