How to search your work items

In the Agent Workspace, you can search for any chat, email, or message that your organization has received.

The search panel is in the top-left corner of the Agent Workspace:

You do not need a search phrase to return results; this allows you to list all work items within the search filter of agent, department, and date. Search results include active and closed work items as well.

Use the filter conditions to get the most relevant results for your search.

Keyword search
Type a keyword that you are looking for in the content of work items.

When you search without a keyword, all work items for the selected date, conversation type, agent, or department are listed.

Date range
Select the period of time that you want to search for work items.
Conversation type
Select whether you want to search chats, messages, emails, or all of these.
Select the agent whose work items you want to search.
Select a department for your search.