Enable Agent Tips and Tricks

We have created videos designed to help agents be more productive and use specific features of the Agent Workspace more efficiently.

Remember: As an administrator, you can sign up agents for newsletters to receive information about new tips and tricks. To do so, in the Web Admin Center, go to Organization > Agents and select an agent. On the Agent Information tab, select the Receive emails with tips and tricks option.
Keyboard Shortcuts & Multiple Work Item View

Learn how to utilize keyboard shortcuts and access multiple work items to navigate the Agent Workspace more efficiently.

Agent Web Console Notifications

Learn how to enable toast notifications, sound notifications, and more so you don't miss a single interaction with the customer.

Canned Messages & Slash Commands

Learn how to maximize usage of canned messages, slash commands, and smart responses to speed up response time.

Text Editor Tips

Learn how to get the most out of the agent web console text editor with tricks such as dragging and dropping images from websites, adding attachments to live chats, and more.