How to work with Salesforce in Bold360

The Salesforce integration in Bold360 delivers highly customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experience to Bold360 agents while they chat with customers. The integration increases agent efficiency by making Salesforce customer data directly available from Bold360.

Note: This feature is only available for Bold360 Plus subscribers and Bold360 AI platform accounts.

Agents can access their company's Salesforce account during chat from the custom integration panel.

Agents can do the following during chat:

  • Search for customer data in the company's Salesforce account

  • Create and update accounts, leads and any other default or custom Salesforce objects directly from Bold360

Automatic lookup of Salesforce records during chat

When you open the Salesforce integration panel, Bold360 automatically searches for records in Salesforce that are associated with the relevant Salesforce objects as follows:

  • Bold360 searches for Salesforce records based on the customer's email address, first name, or last name, which is gathered from the pre-chat form of the chat window.
  • Bold360 then searches for those Salesforce records, which are related to the retrieved contact record and were defined during the Salesforce integration process.
  • If no contact record is found then, using the customer's email address, first name, or last name, Bold360 looks up any Salesforce record that were mapped to Bold360 during the Salesforce integration process. See Integrate Salesforce into Bold360.

How to search manually for Salesforce records during chat

If automatic lookup does not show any result, you can still manually search for information that is relevant to the customer in your company's Salesforce database. To do so, type a term in the search field and press Enter. The results are displayed on tabs, where each tab represents a Salesforce category. Click on a search result to see detailed information.

After searching for customer data, you can either link the current chat to an existing record or create a new record in Salesforce.

How to link a chat conversation to Salesforce during chat

When you find customer data in Salesforce about the person who you currently chat with, you can link the current or a past chat session to the customer's record in Salesforce. This way, you can append the chat transcript in Salesforce to the customer's chat history that helps your sales team to follow up with customers. To link a chat session, click the Link button next to the item in the results.

The chat transcript is sent to Salesforce when the chat is closed in Bold360.

Note: You can link the chat conversation only to one Salesforce record on each tab.

How to create Salesforce records during chat

If your search does not retrieve any result, you can create Salesforce records while you chat with a customer.

  1. On the Salesforce panel, click Create a New Contact at the bottom of the results list.

    Depending on what type of customer data you want to create, the button is named differently.

  2. Fill in all available information. Details that the customer provide on the pre-chat form are filled in automatically.
  3. Click Save & Link.

The new contact is now available in Salesforce and the chat transcript is automatically linked to it.