Additional information

As a manager or administrator, you should be aware of the following additional features and information when working with Digital DX.

Data Residency

Digital DX data residency options match those discussed here.

How Customer History is generated

On the Customer History panel, agents are shown all previous interaction per channel from a given customer.

How does Digital DX determine a customer's identity? How do we know a customer is the same customer?

  • Chat customers are identified by a visitor ID: They retain the same visitor ID as long as they use the same computer and browser and do not clear their cookies.
  • Email customers are identified by an email address.
  • When a customer uses both chat and email, if the customer provides an email address on a pre-chat form, we are able to connect their visitor ID (which we know from their chats) with their email (which they entered on a pre-chat form): We can say "This email address is associated with this visitor ID, so all previous chats with this visitor ID are from the person with this email address."
  • Facebook Messenger customers can be identified if they provide their email.
    Tip: When setting up a Facebook Messenger account, we recommend using the Auto Responder Create Email Prompt Rules feature. This creates a set of rules that automatically asks the customer to enter their email address.