Set up your PIN entry page for remote control or co-browse

You can customize the Bold360 PIN invitation experience to match your company's branding and standards. An integrated PIN entry form behaves identical to, meaning your customers use it to contact an agent and enter the PIN that launches a remote access session.

Important: An agent can create a PIN based session even when they have reached their chat limits or have set their status to unavailable. PIN sessions go directly to remote control once the customer has granted permission and downloaded the applet.
Note: PIN-based remote access and co-browse do not work with AI-enabled chat windows. You must use a layered or pop-up window to control your customer's computer.
  1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Customers > PIN Invitation.

    Result: The PIN Invitation page is displayed.

  2. Select Enable PIN invitation.
  3. The following options allow you to customize your implementation of this feature.
    Option Description
    Website Associate the PIN invitation with a website.
    Chat Window Select the Chat Window you want customers to see upon connection.
    Timeout Set the length of validity for the PIN code.

    Figure 1. PIN timeout, as seen by agent
  4. Copy the generated HTML and send it to your web developer for implementation on your site.
  5. Save your changes.