Email Assignment Summary report

Analyze data such as email assignments accepted during the time period (per agent), average time to accept email assignments, average speed to answer email assignments, and more.

Fastpath: > New Report > Email > Assignment Summary

Report availability: Enterprise

Reported data:

Name of the agent.
Number of accepted email assignments by the agent.
Average Time to Accept
Average time to accept email assignments.
Number of answered emails.
Average Speed to Answer
Average Speed to Answer for answered chats. Calculates time from chat Started to Answered by a live agent. Time from when the chat started to the time it was answered by the agent.
Still Active
Number of email assignments that are still active.
Closed Answered
Number of emails that were answered before they were closed.
Closed Unanswered
Number of emails that were not answered before they were closed.
Average Time to Close (Unanswered)
The average time to close for each assignment that was closed during the specified date range for which an answer was sent. Calculated as follows: [time when the assignment was reassigned or the thread was closed] minus [the time when the first answer was sent].
Average Emails
The number of emails received during the specified date range.
The number of emails sent during the specified date range.
Average Time to Respond
The average time to reply for each email sent as a reply during the specified date range. Calculated as follows: [Time when sent] minus [time when received]. If multiple emails were received, only the most recent is used.