ActiveAssist Chat Summary report

See the number of chats that included remote access sessions, including the number of successful/failed connections and key data about the sessions and chats.

Fastpath: > New Report > Chat > ActiveAssist Chat Summary

Report availability: Web only. For all

To view data about remote access sessions held by agents in your account, make sure the ActiveAssist Type is Remote Access.

Reported data:

The total number of ActiveAssist sessions started from chat interactions.
The number of ActiveAssist sessions successfully established between the agent and the customer.
The number of ActiveAssist sessions that were not established either because the customer refused it or due to technical issues.
Reconnect on Reboot
The number of ActiveAssist sessions that had at least one re-connection upon reboot of the customer's computer.
Average (Session) Time
Average duration of ActiveAssist sessions.
Min (Session) Time
The shortest duration of ActiveAssist sessions.
Max (Session) Time
The longest duration of ActiveAssist sessions.
Average Speed to Answer for answered chats. Calculates time from chat Started to Answered by a live agent. Time from when the chat started to the time it was answered by the agent.
Average Chat Time for answered chats. Time from answering a chat until it ends. The time between the first agent answering the chat and the final agent assigned to the chat when it ends, adds up to the ACT calculation for the final agent. It represents the average length of all chats for a given entity (Date, Agent, Country, etc.) measured from time of assignment to end of chat.
Average Message Count for answered chats.
Note: When no custom operator filters are selected the chatbot is excluded from report.