How to configure Digital DX AI after setting up a messaging channel

Once you have set up a WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams messaging channel, complete additional configuration in Digital DX AI to customize the bot's behavior.

  1. Define the answer the bot returns when it can't answer the customer's question.

    You can set up multiple messages or create articles that the bot returns when the customer's search yields no results. See How to configure conversational touchpoints to learn more about how to set these up.

    Note: You can't use an article for the final message as that prevents the bot from triggering the escalation.
  2. Define channeling policies to cover different scenarios.

    Depending on whether you have a bot-only, agent-only or bot and agent messaging channel, you may define different channeling policies. See How do I define a channeling policy? to learn more about how to create a channeling policy.

    Agent only

    If you want your customers to talk to agents only on the messaging channel, set up a channeling policy with a condition where the number of words is greater than 0. Add a message as an error answer that introduces the escalation option and explains customers that they will be connected to a live agent if it's business hours and agents are available.

    Note: To prevent the bot from providing an answer, you must have an empty knowledge base.
    Bot only If you want your customers to talk to the bot only on the messaging channel, make sure you have defined error answers for when the bot can't find an answer to the customer's query.
    Agent and bot experience

    If you want customers to talk to the bot first and outside business hours but have the option to talk to an agent, you might want to:

    • Define a Day and time condition for the channeling policy that is used to escalate chats to agents
    • Use labels on articles for which you want to provide agent support and define an Article label condition for the channeling policy
What's Next?

See What are the best practices for managing a knowledge base? to learn about how you can optimize the bot's content.