How to configure the Agent Workspace after setting up a messaging channel

Once you have set up a WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams messaging channel, complete additional configuration in Bold360 Agent to customize the agent experience.

  1. Set up a department for your new channel.

    If you didn't select a department during the integration steps, now's the time to do so.

  2. Enable messaging channels for agents.
    1. Log in the Web Admin Center.
    2. On the Organization > Agents page, select the agent.
    3. On the Agent information tab, under Channels select Agent is available for Additional Channels.
    4. Save your changes.
  3. Optional: Set up Smart Advisor.

    When chatting with a customer, Smart Advisor offers agents potential answers to customer questions either based on the content of the chat conversation or by manual search.

    To use Smart Advisor as an agent, see Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations.

    To set up Smart Advisor, see Integrate a chatbot.

  4. Optional: Set up canned messages.

    Canned messages are predefined strings of text that an agent can insert into a conversation. With canned messages, agents can send common responses without typing.

    To use Canned messages as an agent, see Canned messages for chat: Using predefined replies.

    To set up Canned messages, see Canned messages for agents.

  5. Optional: Set up wrap-up fields.

    You can create labels (wrap-up fields) to organize items in a channel automatically according to rules or manually by an agent during wrap-up.

    To use wrap-up fields as an agent, see How to prepare a wrap-up.

    To set up wrap-up fields, see Wrap-up Fields: Organize items by Category, Custom Field, Status.

  6. Optional: Set up automatic distribution.

    Automatic distribution is available for messaging channels under Messaging > Automatic Distribution. See Set up automatic distribution for messaging.

  7. Optional: Set up routing rules.

    You can route your incoming messages to specific departments based on rules that you set up in the Web Admin Center. See Manage incoming messaging items according to rules (Messaging Rules Engine).

  8. Optional: Set up inactive conversations.

    You can use this option to avoid the problem of filling up the agents' active queue. See How to configure messaging channels for more information.