What is a split test?

Split test - also known as A/B test - is a measurement component in the Bold360 AI conversion tracking feature. It provides you with a full overview of how Bold360 AI affects your sales on your website over time.

Note: Conversion tracking has been integrated into Bold360 Acquire. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.
Website traffic is split into two groups:
  • One group is the Bold360 AI group. These customers have widgets, some of them use the widgets, some of them don't. (The usage rate is irrelevant in our measurements.)
  • The other group is the control group. These customers do not see any Bold360 AI widgets at all.
  1. Go to Analytics > Tracking and click New Journey Tracking.
  2. Name your journey and click Next.
  3. Select how to Track sales revenue and define the percentage of your control group.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Copy the conversion tracking code into the HTML header of your website.
After setting up a split test, you will be able to see how your Bold360 AI widget influences your sales activity.

For troubleshooting, see Conversion tracking troubleshooting.