How do I set the SLA tracking?

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Tracking allows you to get a clear picture of your support performance and activity.

Tickets that are waiting for longer than the SLA period defined will be marked as 'Overdue' in your inbox.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Analytics > SLA.
  2. Under Tickets SLA Tracking, click SLA Settings .
  3. Set the following SLA Tracking conditions:
    Name Description
    Ticket SLA Resolution Time SLA for closing tickets
    Ticket SLA Response Time SLA for replying to incoming tickets.
    Business Hours Tracking Determine the working days and hours on which the SLA will be tracked. You can chose between calculating the service availability by your service center working hours (specific days and hours or 24/7). You can also define specific days (as holidays) to be excluded from the calculation.