How can I run a saved report?

Digital DX AI allows you to reuse saved or pre-defined reports. The saved reports are either defined globally as part of Digital DX AI as a product, or at your account level.

For more information on how to create and save a new report, see How can I generate my own reports in Digital DX AI?.

To run a predefined report do the following:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.
  2. Select the report of interest from the-drop down list.

  3. Define the date range and refine the field definitions.
  4. Run the report.

    Result: The report will be displayed on the same page, and it can also be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file.

  5. The download can be provided in full detail or if you want the summary view as presented on the screen, select the export view to Excel option.

To save a report for future use, select Save, define the name of the report and save it.