How can I remove personal data from Bold360 AI?

You can remove personal data manually from Bold360 AI.

Make sure you have modify permission for Analytics. If you don?t, you have the option to mark queries that in your opinion contain personal information. For more information see How can I report that I found personal data?.
In Bold360 AI users with view permission for Analytics have the option to mark user queries that contain personal data so that they can be removed. Users with modify permission for Analytics can review and remove the mark for personal data from the query or remove the queries that contain personal data.
  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.
  2. Run a report that contains the Query field.

    To review queries that users in the system marked for containing personal data, also select the Holds PII field and filter for queries that have True in this field.

  3. Find the query that contains sensitive data and choose from the following options:
    • Select (Sanitize Query) to obscure and remove the data.
      Note: This step is irreversible.
    • Click on (Personal Informaition in Query) to mark that the query doesn't contain personal data.

    Result: If you sanitized the data, the content of the selected query is replaced by asterisks (*) in the report and the query is removed from the Voices Dashboard as well as from Search Optimizer.
    If you marked that the query doesn?t contain personal data, the icon turns black and white and the value of the Holds PII column changes to False for the query.