Using the Analytics API

Using the Analytics API

The Analytics API enables you to access and collect data from the Bold360 AI Analytics section.

You can get a more comprehensive picture of your customer support processes and self-service success. You can also build custom reports that show your customer support impact.
  1. To use the Analytics API, create an API key in your Bold360 AI account.

    For information on how to create a new API key, click here.

  2. To retrieve analytics data with the API, use the get method.
    • For a JSONP response, use:
    • To retrieve a CSV file, use:
    Table 1. Input parameters
      Usage Example

    The JSONP callback method.

    Note: JSONP only.

    The account name.


    An API key with analytics read privileges for the required knowledge-bases.


    One or more knowledge-base names to obtain data for (comma-separated).


    Value analysis type. Possible values are:

    • hourly
    • daily
    • weekly
    • monthly
    Note: You must provide either a day or month value when selecting a date range.

    Date range in days to obtain data for.

    Note: You must provide either a day or month value when selecting a date range.

    Date range in months to obtain data for.


    Timezone in hours to obtain correct dates.


    List of values to include in output (comma-separated).

    List of possible values is provided in the table below.

    labelid (Optional) Get data on specific label. labelId=1CE001C
    Table 2. Possible values for values parameter
    Value name Description


    answeredSessions Total answers provided, including self-service, rechanneling, and tickets.
    interactions Total interactions via Bold360 AI interfaces (widgets, Support Center, API, and so on).
    answered Interactions where search has returned an answer.
    unanaswered Interactions where search did not return an answer.
    resolved Engagements resolved by Bold360 AI (visitor received an answer, and did not escalate or provide negative feedback).
    unresolved Engagements not resolved by Bold360 AI (either no search result has been found or the visitor's question was escalated to an agent, or the visitor provided negative feedback).
    resolvedBySearch Engagements resolved using the Search interface.
    resolvedBySearchAC Engagements resolved using the Search interface by selecting an auto-completion suggestion (subset of resolvedBySearch).
    resolvedByFAQ Engagements resolved using an FAQ interface (in Dynamic FAQ widget, or FAQs in embedded or floating widgets).
    resolvedBySupportCenter Engagements resolved using a Support Center article.
    positiveFeedback Number of positive feedback from all touchpoints.