Agent - Role Overview

The agent role provides access to Bold360 AI in a way that the user can perform tasks related to ticketing.

An Agent can do the following:

  • Answer tickets by writing new responses
  • Answer tickets using existing responses
  • Suggest ticket answers to be added to the online Knowledge Base

An Agent cannot do the following:

  • Publish new answers to the Knowledge Base
  • Answer "Unanswered Questions"
  • Add new answers to the Knowledge Base
  • View analytics, updates or settings

This is how agents answer tickets in Bold360 AI:

  1. Log in to Bold360 AI at <account>
  2. Go to Ticketing > Open Tickets.

    The Tickets screen is displayed.

    Note: You can hover your mouse pointer over a ticket to see a preview of its contents.
  3. Click on a ticket. The Edit Ticket page is displayed.

    You can enter keywords or phrases in the Search for quick answers box in the Choose an existing answer tab. If there are existing answers in the knowledge base, which could provide a suitable response to the ticket, they will be displayed.

  4. Click the response that best answers the ticket.

    This displays the response in the form of an email to be sent to the customer, which you can edit as necessary.

  5. If no answers exist which could provide a suitable response to the ticket, click the Write Answer tab and write a suitable answer.
    • If this answer could help other customers, select the Add to Suggestions checkbox.
    • If the answer is very specific to one single customer, and could not possibly provide assistance to anyone else, select the No, it's personal checkbox.
  6. In the Ticket Status field, select Closed.
    Note: If the question has been partially answered but still requires further attention, select Open in this field.
  7. Click Send.