How to monitor traffic on messaging channels

You can monitor the performance of your WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams messaging channels in the AI Console as well as the Agent Workspace.

Monitoring capabilities in the AI Console

You have the following options to run reports and monitor messaging conversations:

  • Engagement Dashboard: provides a view on the total number of engagements, the number of engagements escalated to agents and so on. See What do I see on the Engagements Dashboard? for more information.
  • Dashboard: You can look at voices for the knowledge base you have for messaging, or filter the dashboard using the context you use for messaging to see how your messaging channel is doing. See What do I see on the Dashboard? to learn more.

Monitoring capabilities in the Agent Workspace

The following options are available to run reports and monitor messaging conversations:

  • You can view active bot, queued, assigned to agent as well as closed messaging conversations in the Monitor View of the Agent Workspace.
  • You can run reports on messaging conversation data with Data Extraction API methods. For more information, see the Developer Center.
  • You can run status and summary reports on messaging conversations. For more information see Messaging Apps Reports.