How to use the Bold360 Integration for ServiceNow app?

This application allows you to easily synchronize selected categories of knowledge article between ServiceNow and Bold360 AI and offers the following benefits:

  • One-way knowledge base synchronization from ServiceNow to Bold360 AI, where the ServiceNow knowledge content is the source (master)
  • Synchronize one or many ServiceNow KBs to one or many AI KBs
  • Supports up to 100.000 articles per KB
  • Synchronize articles to Bold360 AI either on demand (automatic, immediate when change happens) or in a scheduled way (automatic, periodically)
  • Filtering options for any default or custom fields to select articles that you want to sync
  • When synchronizing plain text or HTML formatted articles with inline images, clickable links, and so on, identical copies in Bold360 AI are created
  • Pre-defined article field mapping between ServiceNow and Bold360 AI, as well as an option to map additional article fields (default or custom) between the two systems
  • Safeguards to prevent duplication of manually imported ServiceNow articles prior to using this app

You can download the app from the ServiceNow Store.

To install, configure, and use this app, see the attached user guide.