How do I set user group permissions?

With user group permissions you can restrict user's access to a certain knowledge base or subset of a knowledge base.

Users' credentials can be restricted to specific knowledge bases, as described below, and also used to apply ticket management policies. Ticketing permissions can limit or allow access to tickets (viewing and taking tickets) that define the group. Groups are separated from one another by the level of tickets' access limitations the members in the group have; whether they can view all tickets, certain tickets and so on.

A group must have one of the following ticketing permissions:

  • View all tickets: no special permissions are enforced.
  • View and take selected labels: users can view some labels and take tickets using the 'Take tickets' button
  • Take selected labels: users cannot view any tickets, but can still take tickets using the 'Take tickets' button.
  • Only see assigned items: users cannot view, nor take any tickets. They can only handle tickets that are assigned to them by someone else.

For example: If we look at the example; the Support group. We wanted all tickets labeled as Support to be viewed and taken by Dan, Roy, and David, our support agents. As you can see, by choosing the View and take selected labels, we determine this permission type. The members of the Support group will be able to access My Inbox (ticket assigned especially to them) and also access tickets in the "Support label" and take them. If they had the Take selected labels permission type, they could only take tickets in the Support label (by clicking the take tickets button), but not be able to view them. We still need to choose the label Support to set the ticket assignments abilities. Once the group is created, our agents, (Dan, Roy, and David) will be associated with the Support group. These steps are described below.

Take Options

The first three options allow the agent to take tickets. If an agent can take tickets, a new button, Take tickets appear on his My Tickets page. When clicked, this button assigns the agent some tickets from the pool of unassigned tickets according to his permission labels. This also enables agents to get tickets from a certain group without viewing tickets in the group and therefore explains the "Take selected labels" option. Once choosing one of the first three options, you'll have to define two additional options:

  1. How many tickets are taken each time Take tickets is pressed;
  2. Maximum number of tickets assigned to the user before he can take more. For example, users take tickets [ 5 ] at a time, if they have less than [ 50 ] tickets assigned.
Note: if an agent belongs to more than one group and the groups contain different 'take' permissions, the user's de facto permissions will be the highest one.