How do I measure Bold360 AI business value?

Depending on your business goals, there are numerous KPIs for tracking the benefits of your Bold360 AI implementation.

KPIs can be prioritized, baselined, and tracked across time. Some KPIs are tracked within Bold360 AI, while others can be extracted from your complementary business operations systems.

Here are some KPIs you may want to consider:

Category KPI Comment
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of self service interactions out of all interactions  
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of human assisted contacts originating from self service  
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of self service success rate Bold360 AI dashboard
Assisted channels Chat volume Normalized: visits/customers
Assisted channels Inbound Phone Calls Normalized: visits/customers
Assisted channels Emails and tickets Normalized: visits/customers
Workforce effectiveness Amount of emails and tickets  
Workforce effectiveness AHT (average handle time)  
Workforce effectiveness SLA compliance  
Workforce effectiveness Average ticket resolution time (elapsed)  
Customer Experience Customer effort score (CES)  
Customer Experience Net promoter score (NPS)  
Customer Experience Customer satisfaction (CSAT)  
Customer Experience Channeling accuracy (e.g. from LP) Also for WF effectiveness
Business results Sales conversion rate  
Business results Churn/attrition