What do I see on the Dashboard?

The dashboard gives you insights into customer activity.

Tip: Check out this video to learn more about the dashboard.

Let's look at the information shown in the upper section of the dashboard.

Tip: For info about the lower section of the dashboard, known as Voices, read this article: Voices and the Dashboard: Capturing and analyzing user intent.

An engagement is a visit in which a user interacts with a Bold360 AI touchpoint to get an answer. The following are examples of engagement:

  • Asking a question in a Bold360 AI widget on your website
  • Viewing an FAQ answer
  • Reading an article in your Support Center

An engagement may include one or more interactions.


An interaction represents a user's attempt to gather information or perform an action. All follow-up actions around the same information are also interactions, which in turn add up to an engagement. For example, if it takes a visitor five questions to find the cheapest hotels in the area, those five questions translate to one engagement and five interactions.

Self-Service Score

Self-service score is the total number of interactions with no negative signals divided by the total number of interactions.

Negative signals include the following:

  • Interactions that were not answered
  • Interactions that contain negative feedback
Channeling Score

The channeling score provides insight into how your escalation channels are performing. When a user chooses to continue using chat, email or phone, the channeling score is affected.

Note: The phone channeling score is also affected if a visitor chooses a button with phone number in an article. For more information see How do I define conversational flows?.
For more information about channeling see Answer escalation options.

On the Channeling Score panel you can see the following numbers for each channel:

  • The number on the left shows channeled interactions as a percentage of all engagements. Colors reflect the sentiment as per settings: red means negative, green means positive and grey means neutral. For more information see What is intentional channeling?.
  • The number on the right shows channeled interactions for each channel as a percentage of all engagements.
  • If Trends is enabled, you can also see numbers showing the change in trend next to each number. Trend compares the user activity in the currently selected period to activity in the previous period.