How to choose a role for a user?

User roles control what the users have access to and can do in Bold360 AI.

There are several roles that together contribute to the daily running and maintenance of your Bold360 AI implementation.

The Knowledge Base Manager

The Knowledge Base Manager holds an extremely important role in the Back Office, as they are responsible for ensuring that the Knowledge Base is kept up-to-date and optimized with the most effective and relevant information, which guarantees the smooth running of the Bold360 AI system and effective customer service. The Knowledge Base Manager performs their tasks in the Knowledge Base, Search Optimizer 2.0 and the Publish Answers sections. These tasks include searching for unanswered questions (articles) and ensuring that they are given an accurate and appropriate answer, as well as writing new answers, editing existing answers, merging existing answers, adding phrasings to the database and adding synonyms.

The Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day running of the Bold360 AI application of your site, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that customers are happy with the responses they receive via the Bold360 AI interface. Account Managers have full access to the entire Bold360 AI back office, and can perform all tasks. Many of these tasks fall under the direct responsibility of either the Agent or the Knowledge Base Specialist, with the Account Manager monitoring the situation, and acting in a supervisory role.

The Account Watcher

The Account Watcher observes and monitors the activity of your site. Read-Only privileges. Can only review the knowledge-base and the analytics. Cannot answer tickets.

Users in Account Watcher role who also have write permission can create draft articles but cannot publish those, which essentially makes them content managers. Due to this change, existing users in Account Watcher role will not be able to publish articles.

The Agent

The Agent can answer tickets by writing new responses or using existing responses, and can suggest ticket answers to be added to the online Knowledge Base. However, the Agent cannot publish new answers to the Knowledge Base, answer "Unanswered Questions", add new answers to the Knowledge Base or view analytics, updates and settings.