How to display agent performance indicators in the Agent Workspace

Let agents see their performance at a glance. This helps setting goals for agents and provides them real-time visibility into how they are tracking on their goals for better motivation.

Important: You must have the Actions > Chats > Performance Indicators permission enabled to use this feature.
  1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Organization > Agent Performance Indicators.
  2. Enable Show chat performance indicators for agents.
  3. Click Add new indicator and select the indicator that you want agents to see.

    You can add up to 10 indicators from the following:

    • CC - Closed chats: Number of chats the agent closed
    • NoC - Number of conversions: Number of chats that resulted in sales
    • VoC - Value of conversions: Total value of those sales
    • NPS - Calculated NPS: Net Promoter Score provided by customers in post-survey forms
    • K - Knowledge: Agent's knowledge rated by customers in post-survey forms
    • O - Overall: Agent's overall performance rated by customers in post-survey forms
    • P - Professionalism: Agent's professionalism rated by customers in post-survey forms
    • R - Responsiveness: Agent's responsiveness during chat rated by customers in post-survey forms
  4. In the Duration field, select whether the indicator should display results for the current day or week.

    Use the Compare to column to display a difference in percentage between the agent and a target audience over the specified period in the Duration field.

  5. Save your changes.
Agents will have a quick view of the top three indicators on their workspace. Agents can expand this quick view to see the remaining indicators.

What are best practices for setting up agent KPIs?

We recommend enabling agent performance indicators so that agents have performance targets. When you set performance targets for agents, consider the following:

  • Agents should be able to handle 2-3 concurrent chats with average of 30-60 chats per day
  • Agents should type at least 45 word per minute with 90% accuracy. You can use for typing test
  • Agents should have Average Speed to Answer (ASA) of less than 30 seconds
  • Agents should have Average Response Time (ART) to a visitor's last message of less than 45 seconds
  • Agents routing should be prioritized based on skill set or level, and based on who is the least busy
  • Proactive invitation images and rules should be A/B split tested to identify highest rates of acceptance
  • Agents should have 4.0+ out of 5-star rating for post chat survey / CSAT scores

This will help with goal setting for agents and will give them live visibility into how they are tracking on their goals for better motivation.