How to create and edit a custom canned message

Operators can create their own canned messages for their individual use and organize canned messages according to their own preferences.

Restriction: You must have the following permission from your administrator: Can Use Personal Canned Messsages.
  1. Click Setup > My Canned Messages Setup.
  2. Select an existing message or click the Create a new item icon in your preferred folder.
    Option Description
    Name The name of the custom canned message. This field is only used internally for identification and referencing and never displayed to visitors.
    Access Key The access key is a key combination that inserts the message into a chat.
    Shorthand code The shorthand code is a typed shortcut that inserts the message into a chat. Type the shorthand code followed by a space in the chat editor to automatically complete the message. The shorthand code can only contain alphanumeric characters.
    Show in Answer Dropdown Determines whether the canned message appears in the chat editor dropdown list.
    Language This value acts as a filter to ensure that you see only messages matching the visitor's language. When no value is specified, no filter is applied and the message is displayed as <Not specified>.
    Keywords Assign keywords to canned messages to find them more easily in the chat editor.
  3. Type and format the message.
  4. Save your changes.