How to configure custom operator statuses

Custom operator statuses extend the range of operator statuses beyond the built-in Available/Away options.

Create custom operator statuses to indicate commonly recurring operator activities, such as being on the phone, and enhance operator productivity by automating status switching with Worklow API integration.

Note: An Enterprise subscription is required.
  1. In the Desktop Client, go to Setup > Account Setup.
  2. In the left pane, select General > Custom Operator Statuses.
  3. Click New or Edit in the top menu and set up your custom status.
    Option Description
    Name The name of the status that is also visible to operators.
    Enabled Enables/disables the status. When a status is disabled, it cannot be used.
    Services The services that the status applies to. If a service is not selected, operators cannot be in this status for the particular service.
    Only allow operators to remain in this status for a certain amount of minute(s) When the timer is enabled, the operator's status is automatically set to the status selected from the menu after the defined amount of minutes.
    Allow operators to change into or out of this status

    When disabled, the operator status can only be altered in the following scenarios:

    • Via an API call.
    • Once this status' timer expires when the Only allow operators to remain... setting is enabled.
    • When another status' timer expires, and it is configured to switch into this status.
  4. Click Save.
The new operator status is available for all operators.