What are canned messages in Digital DX?

In Digital DX, canned messages are predefined strings of text that an agent can insert into a conversation. With canned messages, the agent can reuse commonly used responses without having to enter them.

You can create canned messages in the Web Admin Center.

After setting up canned messages, they will be immediately available for agents in the Agent Workspace. They can search for messages on the Canned Messages panel and can select a message to insert it in the chat panel.

Note: Inserted messages are not immediately sent, only copied to the chat panel.

What's the difference between canned messages and the Smart Advisor?

Agents can use both Smart Advisor articles and canned messages in the Agent Workspace. While canned messages are defined in the Web Admin Center, the Smart Advisor panel displays articles taken from a selected Digital DX AI knowledge base. This knowledge base is selected when Digital DX Agent and AI are integrated.

The main difference between the two sets of messages is that Smart Advisor offers results in real-time, based on the customer's questions; whereas an agent has to search manually from available canned messages while chatting with a customer. In addition, an agent can suggest an answer as a knowledge base article and this way help improve the knowledge base. See What is Smart Advisor? to learn more.