How to accept a text message (SMS)

To work with a text message, click it on the left side of the workspace under Messages.

Note: This feature is only available for Bold360 Plus subscribers and Bold360 AI platform accounts.
  • To be able to accept messages, make yourself available on the left panel.

  • To answer a message, look under Messages and click an SMS message.

    Tip: The chat at the top of the list may be the most urgent (newest).

    Result: The message opens in a new column in the workspace to the right and is ready to work with.

  • A red spot tells you that the customer is waiting for a response.
  • To transfer a chat to another team member, click Transfer at the bottom of the chat panel.

    Result: You are prompted to select an agent or department. Select the receiving agent or department and click Transfer.

  • Options while working with a message:
    • View customer information and history: When the message is minimized, click Show info; when maximized, click the Customer info button at the top of the workspace.
    • Show custom integrations: Maximize the message. Custom integrations are displayed at the top of the workspace.