How to view agents' live workload and availability

Monitor View provides an overview of the workload and availability on the different channels of all agents in your organization.

Important: You must have Actions > Chats > Grid View: Active Chats permission to access Monitor View.

To see agents' workload, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Agent Workspace.
  2. Click the arrow in the top-left corner of the Agent Workspace above your list of sessions.
  3. Go to the Live Workload tab.

Workload and availability are displayed on all channels for each agent who is currently signed in to the Agent Workspace. Additionally, at the top of the list, you see the total number of work items assigned to agents and waiting in queue per channel. Data refreshes every minute.

Note: You can only see those channels that are enabled for you and that you have permission to view.

How to filter department-level workload

You can also view the workload of agents in selected departments only. This way, you get an overview of how busy a specific department is.

Note: An agent may be the member of - and receive work items from - multiple departments. When you filter for the agents of a department, work items that are assigned to an agent from other departments are also listed here.

To see the workload of a department,

  1. In Monitor View, go to the Live Workload tab.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the department selector.
  3. Select one or more departments.

    The list is updated automatically.

    Note: The No departments option includes those agents who are not members of any department. You cannot remove this item from the department selector.

How to interpret agent workload

The Live Workload page provides a wealth of information for supervisors. Besides listing those agents who are currently signed in to the Agent Workspace, you get the following details:

  • Agent name - The name of agents may be listed multiple times when they are logged in from multiple browsers.
  • Agent status - Under each channel, you see the availability of the agent. A green dot signals that the agent is available, whereas a yellow dot marks the agent as unavailable. The name of custom agent statuses are displayed as labels. Under the availability mark, you see how long the agent has been in that status. Agent status refreshes in real time.
  • Agent workload - The number of work items currently handled by each agent. When concurrent limits are also set for the agent, you can see the maximum number of work items that Automatic Distribution can assign to an agent at a time. "Unlimited" means that Automatic Distribution is enabled, but there are no concurrent limits set. When Automatic Distribution is disabled, the maximum number of work items is not displayed. See How to set concurrent work item limits per agent.
    Note: By manually taking the next item from the queue, agents can exceed their concurrent limits.
  • Link to current work items - When the agent has at least one active work item, a triangle is displayed in the bottom-right corner of that field. Click on the field to see the list of work items.
  • Combined workload in the header - At the top of the list, you can see the combined workload of all listed agents. These numbers are automatically updated when you change the department filter:
    • Capacity - The maximum concurrent capacity in Automatic Distribution settings.
    • Assigned - The number of work items currently assigned to the listed agents. An agent may have assigned items from departments that are excluded from the current view. Those assigned work items are also included in this field.
    • In queue - The number of customers currently waiting in queue on the specific channel.