How to discuss chat with another operator

You can interact with other Operators during or after chats using the Discussion tab.

Use it during the chat to ask questions or for assistance. After the chat is finished, you may leave a note about the chat or provide feedback for training and quality assurance purposes. Discussions between operators are completely hidden from the customer. The discussions are recorded in the history for later review by operators.
  1. In the chat list, select the chat you want to discuss.
  2. Click the Discussion tab.
  3. Click Add Operator and select the operators with whom you want to confer.

  4. Enter your comments or questions in the dialogue box.
  5. Click Post.

    Result: The operators to whom you posted a discussion will see the chat now displayed in bold font. Visitors do not see the discussion.

    Tip: To remove the bold font, click Mark as Read in the Discussion tab.
The other operators can open the chat, click the Discussion tab and review the message. If they post a discussion reply to you, the chat will appear bold, indicating they have responded.