How to answer an email

Note: An Enterprise subscription is required.
  1. Select the email thread (see How to view incoming emails).
  2. From the email thread in the main pane, select the email to respond to.
  3. Above the email details (Date, From, To, Subject), click Reply (single email icon).
    Note: There is no limit on the length of an email's subject when you create a new email, but you should consider that messages with concise subjects are more likely to be read.
  4. Enter the response, then, above the email details, click Send this email (single email icon).
Tip: When composing an email, the To, CC, and BCC fields remember email addresses used in the past. The list is maintained per-operator and is initially empty. To manage the remembered list, right-click the drop-down to delete a single addresses or the entire list.
Tip: To manage email signatures that you can insert in your emails and edit before sending, go to Setup > My Email Signature Setup. Proper permission may be required from your BoldChat administrator before you can manage your own signatures.