How to use the BoldChat Web Client

The BoldChat web-based application, often called the web client, provides flexibility in non-Windows environments.

Most chat set-up and customization features are available in the web-based client, allowing organizations with smaller chat-only environments to do everything online. In larger settings, the web client is useful for chat operators who only need to login to take live chats from visitors.

The web client is available at, with additional administrative features at

Cross-Browser Compatibility
You can use the BoldChat web client to monitor visitors and chat interactions. Your operators need only an Internet connection and a leading browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), so the web client is perfect for cross-platform deployments.
Web-based Chat Reporting
Web-based chat reporting provides an easy way to access chat reporting from any web browser on Windows and Mac. You can run, schedule and work with BoldChat reports interactively in HTML and you?ll find the chat data you need even faster and easier than before.
Limited Admin Functions
While many chat-focused set-up and customization options are available via the web client, the desktop Operator Client will still be required for larger or more complex chat deployments using permissions, skill routing, and/or automatic chat distribution. Reporting is also a PC Client feature at this time. Online setup features are available at
Multiple-Language Support
BoldChat is dedicated to agent efficiency, so we offer the web client in six additional languages beyond English. With just a few mouse clicks, chat operators can choose to use the web client?s chat functionality in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, or Brazilian Portuguese.
All data transferred from the BoldChat's Web application to BoldChat's servers is encrypted over an https connection secured by a high-grade 128-bit encryption.

The web-based client is meant to be an alternative to the desktop desktop Operator Client, not a full replacement. The web application provides core functionality, including the tools needed to manage chats, visits, canned messages, alerts and operators. However, some functionality such as administrative tasks, setup, reporting and customization must be configured or accessed from the desktop application.

Table 1. Features per BoldChat Client version
Feature Web Client .NET desktop Operator Client (All features, including Premier and Enterprise-only)
Active browser sharing with form fill yes
Adaptive messaging yes
Auto correct yes yes
Automatic chat distribution/load balancing yes yes
Chat yes yes
Chat history yes yes
Conversion tracking yes
Customizable operator alerts yes yes
Customizable operator UI yes yes
Customizable buttons and windows yes yes
Department/Skill routing yes yes
Email management yes
Insert image yes yes
Integrated workspace yes
Manual proactive chat invitations yes yes
Multi-OS support yes
Passive browsing sharing yes
Personal canned message library yes yes
Proactive invitation setup yes
Real-time visitor history yes yes
Real-time visitor monitoring yes yes
Reporting engine and scheduler yes yes
Sale Recovery Technology yes
Salesforce module yes yes
Searchable canned messages yes yes
Searchable chat history yes yes
Single sign-on support yes yes
SMS management yes
Spell check yes yes
Supervisor dashboard yes
Twitter management yes
Typing indicator yes yes
Video chat yes