How to accept a chat in the Agent Workspace

To work with a chat, click it on the left side of the workspace under Live Sessions.

  • A red spot in the top-left corner of the page, above your work items, tells you that you have received a new work item.
  • Under Live Sessions, click any chat.

    Result: The chat opens in a column in the workspace to the right and is ready to work with.

  • To accept a chat without working on it right away, click Quick Accept.

    Result: With Quick Accept, the chat does not open in your workspace. Click the chat again to work with it.
    If a welcome message is set for the Operator then clicking Quick Accept also sends that message to the customer.

  • A red spot tells you that the customer is waiting for a response. When the customer sends you more than one message, you see multiple red spots next to their name. A counter is also displayed if automatic chat distribution is set with the Channels > Chat > Automatic Distribution > Enable automatic distribution > Reassign unanswered messages option. In this case, when time runs out, the chat is reassigned to another Operator and the status of the current Operator is set to Away.

What can you do during a chat session?
View customer information and history
When a chat is minimized, click Show info.
When maximized, click the Customer info button at the top of the workspace.
Show custom integrations
Maximize the chat. Custom integrations are displayed at the top of the workspace.
Send a link to a web page (URL)
In the chat panel, use Link to send a link the customer can click to open a web page. Remember to include a valid prefix (http:// or similar). The link is shown in your chat panel. It is not sent to the customer until you press Enter.
Push a web page (URL)
In the chat panel, use Push web page to automatically open a URL in the customer's default browser.
Note: When you push a webpage to a customer, make sure that webpage has Digital DX code on it; otherwise it will end the chat. Alternatively, you can always choose to Send a link to a web page to send links to webpages that customers can click to open in a separate window.
Insert an image (URL)
In the chat panel, use Image to insert an image into the chat. Remember to include a valid prefix (http:// or similar). The image is shown in your chat panel. It is not sent to the customer until you press Enter.
Transfer a file
When file transfer is enabled for the chat window used by the customer, use File transfer to send a file up to 250MB. You can send up to 20 files per session.

The following apply when sending files:

  • Files are stored in AWS and are encrypted with Amazon's AWS Key Management Service keys
  • File links remain valid for 24 hours; keep this in mind when attempting to access links from a transcript, history, or the Chat Summary Report.
To enable file transfer, see Enable file transfer in the chat window.
Flag a chat

You can flag a chat to mark it as important or to signal that the customer requires follow up. Chat are flagged until an Operator removes the flag.

Note: You can also flag chats in Monitor View.
Increase text size of your chat panel
For better visibility, you can increase the text size of messages on your chat panel while in chat with a customer. See How to set text size for conversations in the Agent Workspace.
Block a customer from chatting with Operators
Click the hand icon to block a customer from chatting with Operators of your organization. An admin can later unblock the customer. See How to block customers during chat in the Agent Workspace.

End the chat
Click End Chat to finish the conversation with the customer. You must confirm that you want to end the chat by clicking one of the following:
  • Yes - Ends the chat. Next time you end a conversation, you will see the same dialog.
  • Yes, and don't show this message again - Ends the chat. Digital DX will no longer warn you about ending the chat with customers.
  • No, continue the chat - Select if you want to continue the conversation.
Note: If you accidentally selected not to display the confirmation dialog again, you can enable that dialog as follows:
  1. At the bottom left of the workspace, hover the mouse over the icon with your initials and select Settings.
  2. Enable Confirm end chat.

What are best practices for agents?

  • Use standard greeting
  • Use Quick accept when on multiple chats
  • Reply quickly even if it to say you need more time
  • Use Canned Messages for standard responses
  • Use a simple pre-chat form and do not make too many fields mandatory
  • Ask for feedback (CSAT survey)
  • Use meaningful wrap-up (disposition codes)
  • Increase text size for accessibility purposes as applicable
  • Leverage suggestions for agent feedback on chatbot content
  • Use discussions. Agents can start discussions with a general department or an individual agent. When you select a department as discussion partner, Digital DX automatically assigns the discussion to an available agent in that department.

    Customers never see the content of a discussion, which makes this feature perfect for warm transfers, asking for help, or getting manager assistance on the fly. Alternatively, more experienced agents can use discussions in the background as a training tool.