Email with customers

Everything you need to know about working with email in Digital DX.

To work with an incoming email, select the email you want to work with on the left side of the workspace.

To create a new email, click the + (plus) icon.

Email options

View customer information and history
When an email is minimized, click Show info. When an email is maximized, details are shown automatically.
Open in a new browser window
Reply, Reply All, Forward, Close Now
Standard email options.
Prepare a wrap-up
Click My Wrap-up to prepare notes about the session.
Note: This feature is only available for Bold360 Plus subscribers and Bold360 AI platform accounts.
Click Transfer to assign the email to another Operator or department in your organization.

Options when replying to a message

Sends your message and leaves the email open.
Send & Close
Sends your message and closes the email.
Subject & Recipients
Select the recipients of your email.
Closes the email. You must confirm that you want to close the email by clicking one of the following:
  • Yes - Closes the email. Next time you close an email, you will see the same dialog.
  • Yes, and don't show this message again - Closes the email. Digital DX will no longer warn you about closing emails with customers.
  • No, continue the email - Select if you want to continue the email conversation.
Note: If you accidentally selected not to display the confirmation dialog again, you can enable that dialog as follows:
  1. At the bottom left of the workspace, hover the mouse over the icon with your initials and select Settings.
  2. Enable Confirm end email.
Cancels your response and takes you back to the original email message.

Show or hide canned messages for email

Canned messages are predefined strings of text that an Operator can insert into a conversation. With canned messages, Operators can send common responses without typing.

To toggle canned messages on/off while composing an email, click the icon that looks like a can along the right side of the page.

Insert a canned message

To insert a canned message into the body of an email, simply click it.

Search or filter canned messages

To make it easier to find the right message, you can either filter by folder or search by keyword.