How to search canned messages

Operators can perform keyword searches against the canned message library. This helps to increase the speed and accuracy of chats, without impeding the operator?s ability to personalize the conversation.

Important: This is not a full text search. The search only applies to keywords directly associated with canned messages in your BoldChat account.
  1. From the toolbar of the active Chat window, click the Search Canned Messages icon (paper with binoculars)

    Result: The Search Canned Messages area is shown to the right of the chat area.

  2. Click the entry field at the top of the Search Canned Messages area.
  3. Enter the keyword to search for and click search.

    Result: The result list will show below the search field.

    Tip: While a search is taking place, the Search button changes to Cancel.
  4. Select a canned message in the result list.

    Result: The full text of the canned message will be displayed below.

  5. Next to the search entry field, click copy/insert to insert the canned message into the chat.
  6. Check and edit the canned message if necessary.
  7. In the Chat window, click Send.