How to get around in BoldChat: Buttons, icons and more

Here's a look at some of the most important buttons and interface elements on the operator client.

Tip: To change the size of buttons and icons or to show text labels, go to View > Toolbars > Show Large Buttons / Text With Buttons

Buttons and icons are shown as "large with text" in a highlighted (selected) state.

Table 1. Top Chat Toolbar (top of the chat window, above grid)
Image (large with text) Name Description
Answer Next Answer the next waiting chat.
Assign To Assign the selected chat to an operator or department.
Stop, End End the selected chat.
View Open the selected chat in a new window (called the View Chat window).
Red X Delete Remove the selected chat from the grid.
Flag Flag a chat for easy reference.
Move (Folder) Move a Chat to another folder.
Relate to Relate the chat to a contact or ticket.
Block Used to block a visitor from Initiating a Chat. Only visible in the View Chat window.
Unblock Unblock a previously blocked visitor. Only visible in the View Chat window.
Assignments View the history of assignments for the chat to see who worked with the chat previously. Only visible in the View Chat window.
Table 2. Bottom Chat toolbar (bottom of the chat window, below grid)
Image (large with text) Name Description
Insert Canned Messages Choose a canned message to send the visitor.
Hyperlink Select text that you want to turn into a hyperlink and click this button. The link can be sent to the visitor, who must click the link for the page to open.
Push URL Send the visitor a URL that opens in their default browser.
Send image Send the visitor an image that opens in the chat window. The image in inserted inline.
Insert line Insert a horizontal line into your message.
Tip: To add or remove buttons from the left navigation panel, click ? in the bottom-left corner of the operator client interface.