How to set up a Website definition

Website definitions help operators see the origin of a visit or chat and help you manage business hours. When used together with the Chat Rule Engine, website definitions help you manage incoming communications. Website definitions are also crucial when your chat strategy involves multiple sites or domains.

How do Website definitions relate to other BoldChat entities? Website definitions are associated directly with snippets of HTML, not with Chat Button definitions, Chat Window definitions, Department definitions, or any other BoldChat entities.

How to create website definitions:

  1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > Account Setup.

    Result: The Account Setup window is displayed

  2. At left, click General > Websites.
  3. Click New.

    Result: The New Website window is displayed.

  4. Name the website definition.
  5. Option. Set business hours. See How to set business hours.
  6. Option. Enable Data Validation. See How to validate Chats, Visits and Conversions (Data Validation).
  7. Save your changes

    Result: Your website definition is ready to be associated with an HTML snippet and inserted to a site.

Once you create a website definition, you must associate it with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet. Website definitions are not associated with any resource until you actively make the association when generating an Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet.

Website definitions can then be detected by the Chat Rule Engine or Visitor Rule Engine to help manage incoming communications and visits.